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All authorities issue Policy Documents which inform the Public, in advance, how they will react or respond to certain situations. This is to ensure that the authority conducts itself in a fair and equitable manner to all of its customers. If therefore allows you to research how the council will react to a particular situation and what you can expect from them without having to ask.

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All Rules and regulations for Funeral Services and Stone Masons with regards to Ramsey Cemetery at Wood Lane.

Doc ID:104 First Uploaded:16/11/2009 & Last Updated:16/11/2009

Complaint Handling Policy

Complaints concerning an employee of Ramsey Town Council (i.e. Town Clerk/Assistant Town Clerk) will be dealt with as an employment matter and the procedure as outlined in Annex A to Contract of Employment will be followed. Complaints concerning a Councillor of Ramsey Town Council are to be referred to the Standards Board for England, 1st Floor, Cottons Centre, Cottons Lane, London, SE1 2QG. This policy covers those situations where a complaint has been made about the administration of Ramsey Town Council or about its procedures.

Doc ID:98 First Uploaded:16/11/2009

Memorial Mason Registration Scheme

The memorial mason registration scheme aims to establish a uniform standard of workmanship and working practices within the Cemetery of Ramsey. The scheme will address the standards required for the installation, repair and maintenance of memorials, both new and existing, insurance cover, health and safety requirements and administrative requirements with a view to producing a common approach at every cemetery under the Council’s management. Through adoption of this scheme it is the intention to identify and promote the best practice of the industry by all registered participants.

Doc ID:134 First Uploaded:25/01/2010

Persistent And/Or Vexatious Complaints Policy

Ramsey Town Council has a well-established policy and procedures for responding to complaints. However the Council recognises that, on occasion, a complainant may feel that a complaint has not been resolved to his/her satisfaction under the policy and may resubmit the complaint or variations of it on one or more subsequent occasions. This persistent and/or vexatious complaints policy is designed to prevent duplication and abortive work by employees who may otherwise continue to respond to complainants about “closed” complaints.

Doc ID:97 First Uploaded:16/11/2009


A Tenant is in arrears in the payment of rent as defined in the Tenancy Agreement, and has been notified of that fact in writing, and has failed to settle his/her account within 14 days of such notification or A tenant is unanimously considered by the Allotment Administrator to have breached the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement, has been notified of that fact in writing, and has failed to provide evidence to the satisfaction of the Allotment Administrator within 28 days of the date of such notification that remedial action has been or will be undertaken

Doc ID:102 First Uploaded:16/11/2009

Public Regulations and Rules For Ramsey Cemetery

All Rules and regulations for the General Public with regards to Ramsey Cemetery at Wood Lane.

Doc ID:133 First Uploaded:25/01/2010

Retirement Policy July 2008

Positions covered are Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk

Doc ID:96 First Uploaded:16/11/2009 & Last Updated:16/11/2009

Rules For Bonfires

This Code of Practice has been devised to reduce as far as possible inconvenience and nuisance to allotment holders and nearby residents alike. Compliance with this Code is obligatory for allotment holders under the tenancy agreement.

Doc ID:100 First Uploaded:16/11/2009


The construction of sheds on the Stocking Fen Road Allotment Garden Site is covered by the Rules of Tenancy Agreement. No buildings, fences, etc., shall be erected on or adjacent to the allotment garden except with the written permission from the Council.

Doc ID:101 First Uploaded:16/11/2009

Standing Orders October 2008

Doc ID:94 First Uploaded:16/11/2009

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