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A local news item from Ramsey Senior Citizens Club

Ramsey Senior Citizens Club

We looking for some new members, if you are interested in joining us follow the link below for more information and make contact with us.

More information about Ramsey Senior Citizens Club


A local news item from Ramsey Town Council

Public Toilets Ramsey

Statement by Huntingdonshire District Council and Ramsey Town Council

A number of meetings and discussions have taken place between Huntingdonshire District Council and Ramsey Town Council regarding the future of public toilets in the town.
These meetings were to address the immediate situation whilst the new toilets are being built and the future funding and provision of public toilet facilities for residents and visitors to Ramsey.
The two councils are continuing to work together with the aim of trying to find an effective solution that does not unduly increase the burden on local council tax payers.
The public toilets in the town centre were closed two weeks ago as part of the preparation for a redevelopment by Luminus that will see a new library built.
For further information contact:
Heather Gilling, Communications and Marketing Manager, Huntingdonshire District Council, tel 01480 388033 or Gary Cook, Town Clerk, Ramsey Town Council, tel 01487 814957.


A local news item from Ramsey Town Council

Potholes and other defects on Highways

Recent freezing weather conditions have led to an increase in potholes across the county and teams of maintenance staff have been sent out to deal with them.
However, we need your help to find the location of potholes in your area that we may not know about.
Please complete the Highways defects form either on line or by phoning 0345 045 5212 to report potholes or other defects that you are aware of, and we will do our best to resolve them.


A local news item from Ramsey Town Council

Rotavator For Hire

The Ramsey & District Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Association is pleased to announce that they now have a Rotavator for hire.
It has a range of various attachments to suit all kinds of jobs required on the allotments, so why make things harder for yourself!

£25 per day to members
£35 per day for non-members
Under Supervision re Health & Safety


A local news item from Ramsey Town Council

Ramsey Christmas Lights

The Offical switch on for the Christmas Lights in Ramsey is on Saturday 28th November. All starting at around 6pm.


A local news item from Ramsey Town Council


Ramsey Town Council is pleased to annouce that it is a recycling point for
Items that can be brought into the Council Office for recycling are:-
Old Mobile Phones
Inkjet Printer Cartridges
Laser Printer Cartridges


A local news item from Ramsey Town Council


The opening of the new Tescos store in Ramsey is due to take place on Monday 7th December 2009.



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